Sharday Odyssey For Men – Product Reviews

Bought this for my husband – he loved it.
Leanne Williamson

Been using Odyssey for around 3 years now. By far my favourite aftershave to use. I Would recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new.
Joseph Chiera

Sharday Wild Florals Collection – Product Reviews

Bought this at Araluen Botanic Park. Really nice fragrance. Not to flowery.

I was so relieved to see that Wild Florals Room Spray was back on your product list. I’ve been eeking out the last of my spray thinking that it was no longer available. Thank you for putting it back on the available list. I can now send some more to my daughter in the UK, along with the Boronia, as a little something from WA. These natural sprays are so gentle on the senses that I’ve not found anyone yet who can’t tolerate them. Thanks again!
Bev Arnold

I purchased two of these at the Harvey Visitor Centre and the scent is so beautiful and lasting that i’ve just ordered another two to take for my mum in Scotland along with the perfume.
Paula Goncalves

Sharday Boronia Collection – Product Reviews

BORONIA room spray took me back to childhood days waliking through the streets of Perth (Forrest Place, in the 60s and 70s) where the delightful, addictive scent of boronia, on sale in street stalls, filled the air.
Cathy McCorkill

My husband bought me this perfume from his home state of Western Australia a year ago. It draws compliments and is truly so beautiful. Thank you House of Sharday!
Jennie Hardie

Delightful perfume, all Australian and affordable – what else could one want!
Carol Palmisano

Gorgeous perfume. I like to wear Boronia in Spring, it’s like the promise of Summer in a bottle. I get nothing but compliments when I wear this scent. Fantastic Australian perfume.

The smell is gorgeously sensual too me and I love that it’s not greasy.

Your product looks lovely and the Boronia scent is beautiful.
Phyl Cripps

My mum is 93 she loves these products, she especially loves the room spray.
Rosemary Pearson

The scent of spring
Maria Kim


I was recently given a gift of Boronia room spray and it is the most wonderful product of its type I have come across. Beautiful perfume, and not over-powering, and a very fine spray. I Can certainly recommend it.
M. Kwok

I purchased this from the Araluen gift shop and just love it. Such a lovely spray and it stays around for a good while.